Katie James

General Manager Local Government


General Manager Local Government Katie James is a senior leader who has successfully transitioned from full-time to part-time and back again, whilst growing her career with Ventia.

“I took around six months parental leave, and when I came back, I was working two half-days, focusing on accounting projects and special assignments,” Katie says. “I was in a role that could be done part time, so it worked well.”

Then, when the opportunity to move interstate for a full-time role, Katie and her husband discussed their options and agreed he would transition to full-time parent for the duration.

“My husband is self-employed, so he was able to effectively put his job on hold for three months,” Katie explains. “His ability to work around employment commitments gave us a chance to figure out what worked for us.”

Katie says that in her experience, men are often reluctant or struggle to ask for flexible working conditions from their employer, even where they’d really like it. So, the pressure falls back on their female partners.

Katie and her husband continue to negotiate their schedules to keep things running smoothly. She says she’s pleased that she has options, a supportive husband and a boss that values what she brings to the team.

Excerpts from: https://www.ventia.com/news-and-insights/successfully-managing-flexible-working