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Lion NZ

Lion NZ

Saira Zaki

Group Legal Counsel

​"You definitely get to touch on a lot of things every day"

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​Sharmila Peresdacosta

IT Team Leader

During the interview when I got a chance to meet some of the peo...

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There’s a real focus on achievement, but I think the thing that really stands out for me is that Lion really do care about their people. It’s not something that’s made up, it’s not something that they use as a tagline to recruit new people. It’s real.

Elise Gare

Great careers, GREAT stories

Great work environments breed great people who create great products.

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Great Brands

Lion is a name that is well known in New Zealand because of its size and range of established brands.

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I have my dream job which is an amazing thing to say. I work part time and with a young family I have the opportunity to work the school hours. Lion is very flexible to be able to do that which is fantastic.

Sarah White

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